“When no one is looking, I swallow deserts and clouds and chew on mountains knowing they are sweet bones! When no one is looking and I want to kiss God, I just lift my own hand to my mouth.” -Hafiz

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Preživela sem neverjeten vikend na Jezerskem z duhovno univerzo. Prelepa narava, ljudje z odprtimi umi in srci ter čudovite meditacije. Ljubezen <3 I have spent amazing weekend with spiritual university at Jezersko. Beautiful nature, people with open minds and hearts and wonderful meditations. Love <3 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 340 Zgodaj zjutraj | | Early in the morning Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 341 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 346 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 348 Vidite roko za drevesom? 😀 | | Do you see the hand behind the tree? 😀 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 355 Zamrznjeno jezero | | Frozen lake Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 356 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 359 Fotografirala sošolka Franja | | Picture taken by classmate Franja Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 362Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 363Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 364Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 393Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 392Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 397 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 400 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 404 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 407





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