“Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” (Franz Kafka)

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Tole sem se v petek fotografirala s samosprožilcem. Na prvi fotki zgleda, kot da imam brke 😀 I took these photos with self-timer, on Friday. It looks like I have moustache on the first one 😀 DSC02022.DSC02020.(DIY majica; H&M torbica in pajkice; Graceland čevlji) (DIY tee; H&M bag and leggings; Graceland shoes)DSC02003 DSC02001    DSC02016DSC02007Velikonočna dekoracija, ki sem jo v četrtek naredila za atov grob | | I made this Easter decoration on Wednesday, for father’s grave





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  1. Hehe, super DIY majica! :))
    Kako lepo si naredila tisto velikončno dekoracijo. 🙂 (Ravno par dni nazaj sem dobila nek plastelin doma in ustvarjala, prav mi je zapašalo po dolgem času. :D)
    Pa žal mi je za tvojega očeta. <3
    Upam, da si lepo preživela praznike. 🙂

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